laser  particle size analyzer LLPA-A10

laser particle size analyzer LLPA-A10

Laser particle size analyzer LLPA-A10 is a fully automatic cost effective and efficient particle size analyzer capable of measuring suspension, emulsion and powders. It uses laser diffraction measurement principle for measuring over the 0.1 μm to 300 μm particle size range for wet dispersion and is also well equipped with highly sensitive ring photoelectric detector which improves test accuracy.

Measuring range0.1 μm - 300 μm
PrincipleLaser light scattering
Test speed< 2 min
Dispersion typeWet
Executive standardISO13320-1:1999
AnalysisMie & Fraunhofer technique
Sample typeSuspension, emulsion, powders
Light sourceHigh performance He-Ne Laser,632.8 nm
Operation modeFull automatic software control
DetectorRing photoelectric detector
Detector channels no.96 pcs.
Built-in ultrasonic functionFrequency: 40 kHz Power: 35 W Time: ≥ 1 s
Agitator Revolutions Speed0-300 rpm (Adjustable)
Circulate rated flow8 l/min
Circulate rated power10 W
Light path alignment systemFully automatic
Accuracy< 1%
Repeatability< 1 %
Sample tank volume350 ml
Sample cuvette10 ml (optional)
Software runningWin XP/Win7
Outer dimension (L x W x H)880 × 390 × 460 mm
Net weight44 kg
  • Comprehensive laser diffraction particle size measurement principle
  • Highly sensitive ring photoelectric detector which improves the test accuracy
  • Fully automatic software control
  • Capable of measuring suspensions, emulsions and powders
  • Automatic optical bench alignment
  • Built in dispersing unit consisting carefully aligned stirring set up, ultrasonic dispersing unit and the sample circulating pipes
  • Built-in design effectively prevents the inhomogeneous dispersion and sedimentation of big particles
  • Optional small capacity sample chamber which helps with measuring expensive/precious samples or samples difficult to be dispersed within the medium
  • Analysis software uses an unique unconstrained data fitting technique developed to obtain data of unknown size distribution
  • Manual and automatic mode of operation makes it user friendly
It finds wide application in cement industry, ceramics, environmental and soil applications, pharmaceutical industry. It is also used for measuring the particle size of food stuff as well as paints, pigments, coating, ink, toners, fillers etc.